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A curated guide to holistic wellness

You made it. Maybe it was luck. Or fate. Or you heard about us from a friend. Whatever the reason, you're here. We've been waiting for you for a long time. Now, let's stay connected.

Every week I share a real story on my journey in business and life full of the insights, goof-ups, and treasures I discovered in the exchange. Sometimes they're funny and weird, other times deep and solemn. Usually a spark of truth shines through the ruble. The best part? This blog is alive! Dialogue with me by posting in the comments section below the article. It's one of my most favorite ways to stay in touch. It's personal. It's specific. And it can happen anywhere in the world.

I’ll also share secrets to a holistic lifestyle like meditation practices, self care tips, daily rituals, wholesome recipes, and wellness workshops. Occasionally, I'll send you a "you're so cool, thanks for being part of the Earthbody family" special offer for spa treatments and organic bodycare at our day spa in Hayes Valley.
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Denmo Ibrahim
Founder & CEO
Earthbody & Omcali Sacred Skincare

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